Architecture Drawings


Drawing Booklet

Drawing issue sheet

P-0-1-201 - Part V Provision - Ground & First Floor Plans

P-0-200 - Ground Floor Plan

P-1-2-201 - First and Second Floor Plans

P-3-4-202 - Third and Fourth Floor Plans

P-5-R-202 - Fifth Floor and Roof Plans

P-7-204 - Elevations

P-7-205 - Sections - Sections AA, BB and CC

P-7-206 - Sections - Sections DD and EE

P-7-207 - ESB Substation Plans, Elevations and Section

P-9-100 - Apartment Types

P-9-101 - Apartment Types

P-9-500 - Dual aspect apartments diagrams

P-B-203 - Basement Plan

P-E-200 - Existing and Contiguous Elevations

P-E-500 - Existing Site Plan

P-OS-000 - Ordnance Survey - Site Location Map

P-S-500 - Proposed Site Plan